「Farewell」- Researcher Interview Kinoshita & Obayashi Lab



Serial article ‘Research Interview’ ends this month due to my new at a newspaper company. I hope you enjoyed reading or got some useful information about Bioinformatics and Kinoshita & Obayashi lab.


Thanks to my interviewees, teachers, graduate and undergraduate students of the Lab, students of the School of engineering, and high school students at open campus.



I was unfamiliar with Bioinformatics and making translation into English when the serial started. My goal is that writing clear and accurate article, and I’ve tried to choose better words for translation.


Conversation with interviewees is the most important part of collecting. I could learn knowledge of research and also their way of thinking. I believe that quotations of their words make the article interesting and realistic. Which phrase did you favour?


There were some information I couldn’t state in the writings. “Some medicines are generally used before the mechanism of their effect.” Surprised to hear that, because I’ve thought medicines are used after how and why they work are revealed. Basic research plays an important role in science helping other researches with its information.


In one interview, the Prof told me that he intended to give students opportunity to think about diversity with question of genome. Some scientific studies make us thoughtful. (I think it’s like literature!)


Life information shows us thoughtful——serious problem. Genome reading or editing may alter our life, our partners’ life, and our babies’ life. Learning latest information and ethical problem is good way for reducing anxiety.



I wish I could publish articles more, but 5 interviews and 1 report are good enough for me; it’s my first serial of science and English. And I desire to write such articles again.



Thank you for reading.



September 30, 2015